Ask them why!

The barren lands we call our home Will they come to pick up our bones? When the battle is done and dusted And the pots and pans all are rusted When the vultures pick flesh from the cadavers Of all the brothers we left out, hours After the game was won How shameful to fight … More Ask them why!


‚Äč All I wanted to see Was a smile Forever and ever since I met you All that remained with me When I went to sleep every night Was that magical aura of yours When you used to induce Your loveliness into the souls that surrounded you I for one gradually wanted To become a … More Sunshine


The distance travelled between every downfall and before you fall again, decides how much you have acquired, how much you have learned. There have been instances when the body has felt like tearing out the mind and throwing it away. And there have been instances when you want to lose yourself regardless of the outcome of … More Threshold!

Times will pass!

The days will pass, the nights will pass And in ignorance the lights will pass For time that we saved for ourselves, with overwhelming mistakes, Even those times will pass! Could have tried better, when the options were obliterated How to drain the emotions that were born That my guilty heart perpetrated, for so long.. … More Times will pass!